Saturday, April 3, 2010

thinkin about me...

When I Flashback my life..seriously..many thing change in!! I thought not change the appearance of such a short time... This all has been fixed since revealed to me..I just can only accept all changes or not...I do not have any power to change it ..

Did I am eligible to be friends with friends that have tarbiah with a strong religious upbringing??
while I have many weaknesses? or I just need to take it all just an award to me from Allah..? yes..I must take it as a gift to me that not all people have the opportunity to get it.

Alhamdulillah...although I have little sense of shame for the lack of self-...this life must go on..and I know all these tests given to me from my own other words I will Reda'...
I personally have many friends with different temperament and behavior which is the benchmark for me to evaluate my own self in what condition..This think make me thinking that I just ordinary people which often to make mistakes and The humble servant that only need to be viceroys in the earth that not to succumb me to the evil cauldron that sin contributed indirectly contributed me to the hell...
I pray that I hope avoided punishment of the grave and hell ...

I hope blessed with a good family ... and friends eternity...inssyaAllah..

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